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You probably would have seen the term “modular home” somewhere. With the increasingly changing housing market and the numerous developments of new technologies in housing and building construction generally, future householders are having a rethink of how a home should look. Builders are also increasingly making changes to their methodology or system of which they adopt in the building of houses. One of these new technologies we are referring to is the modular home. There are several design and construction firms in Perth that can help you build one. Modular homes are, however, not mobile homes or recreational vehicles.

What are modular homes? In short, a modular home is a building or house that is constructed off-site from the expected site, and that is transported to that site or location after completion. In other words, a modular home is a house that is constructed indoors in a factory-type setting or space. The completed products are then covered and delivered in sections to the home’s location, where they are finally assembled and completed by a builder.

As stated earlier, they are not the same as mobile homes; they are just houses built off-site as against on-site constructions. These kinds of homes are regarded as factory-built homes, system-built homes or prefabricated (prefab) homes. However, modular and manufactured homes are different; they are entirely not similar. Why? It is because manufactured homes are not built on a permanent foundation or location. At times, manufactured homes are regarded as mobile homes; that is, they are moved from one place to another. In the relocation or movement of such houses, some specific laws and regulations oversee them. Modular homes are, on the other hand, once set in its location, it can’t be relocated or moved. Let’s have a look at the design options that can be offered by construction firms in Perth for your modular home.

Modular Home Design

There is an extensive collection of design options for modular homes in Perth. The fact that modular homes are not built on-site and are instead built off-site does not in any way mean that the homeowner lacks design options. Modular homes can even be customised in design, and they differ in terms of extent and style, just like homes constructed on-site. To promote the standard of design and customisation, several modular home firms incorporate services by an in-house engineering unit/section making use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design). With the use of CAD software, almost every house plan can be transformed into a modular home.

Out of the several customised modular home features include cabinetry derived from wood or other materials, solid-surface countertops, many window styles, ceramic floors, architectural details, exterior finishes, and plumbing fixtures. This is not a full list of options; each builder/constructor of a modular home will have a specific list of options available for selection. A modular home can be fully customised because there are no limitations when it comes to design. Modular homes are not just tailored to taste; they’re also built to be very durable and strong.

Buildings don’t necessarily need to be constructed on the building location or site. Modular homes are built and completed in a factory-like setting, and a construction site is a place for assembly. Take a look at the benefits of having a modular home.

Benefits of Having a Modular Home

  1. Modular homes are built to be strong and durable, which means they have a strong structure.
  2. They are built within a short period.
  3. Modular houses do have every detail well elaborated. The design makes the quality of the building very high.
  4. They have a lower risk of damage, most especially in terms of theft and sabotage made by third parties.
  5. Modular homes are not in any way expensive than traditional homes. Though it still largely depends on your location, design, materials used, and so on.
  6. The contractor and his employees also benefit a lot, as they don’t have to waste time travelling to the construction site. Everything is done within a factory setting.
  7. There is also the speed of implementation as regards the construction of a modular home.
  8. In terms of acoustics, modular homes are much better than traditional types.

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