What happens at a building and pest inspection in the Gold Coast?

A building and pest inspection in Gold Coast costs less compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars saved from purchasing a damaged property.

Purchasing a home can be a dream come true for most people. It is also the largest investment an individual makes in a lifetime. This makes it doubly important to buy a home worth the big financial investment.

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is the best way to determine the soundness of a property.

What are the things to expect from building and pest inspectors?

There should be two inspectors

There should be two inspectors: a specialist pest inspector and a specialist building inspector. These two inspectors should focus on their specialised areas, working closely together to do a thorough and precise job.

A single inspector is not ideal for he may miss something important when he starts to feel pressed for time.

Detailed inspection

A single cursory view by an inspector can make them see through the cosmetic changes of a prospective property. However, it is the responsibility of a specialist building inspector to see if the minor cosmetic issue is hiding something more sinister. He has to inspect the property’s structural integrity to determine if it is above board.

Areas to be inspected

Specific areas that require the detailed inspections of both the specialist pest inspector and specialist building inspector include:

  • The roof including gutters, integrity, and rust
  • Underneath the house including drainage, footings, and stumps
  • The roof space including insulation, structure, and leaks
  • Locked sheds and garages
  • Structural integrity of the property

Other areas the specialised inspectors are likely to investigate include outside spaces, trees, and retaining walls.

Pest Inspection

A separate pest inspection is highly recommended. It has been seen that termite activity in one way or another occurs in at least 80% of properties in Australia. These pests hide in parts of the home, in the retaining walls and even on trees outside the home.

Most of the time, the termite presence is not serious which can be easily remedied or corrected. However, it is a problem that all homeowners should be aware of.

A pest inspection is the only way to determine the presence of termites and other pests in a potential property. Having these pests in the property can cause serious structural issues.

Building Inspection

One way to determine the property’s structural integrity is to hire the services of a specialised building inspector. Doing this makes sure that the prospective property does not require future major reconstruction works.

Often, major upgrades and repairs do not enhance the value of a property. For instance, the property’s value is not increased by replacing a rusty gutter or stump.

A buyer needs to move on if the damages of the potential property are too severe. However, minor damages should be taken in stride especially with the property’s lowered price tag.

It is always best to have a separate pest inspector and building inspector. Doing it this way ensures a thorough inspection of a prospective property. It is also recommended that a prospective buyer attend the inspection for them to determine whether the property is worth the investment. Do not hesitate to organise a building and pest inspection before buying a property.

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