Backflow Testing Gold Coast- All about the backflow testing process

A backflow test should be performed on a yearly basis. The test needs to be carried out by a certified plumbing company. It’s a basic process which takes some twenty to thirty minutes. However it can extend if the plumbers are to find any fault with the underlying pipelines or structures. The valves are opened and closed and checked for anomalies. Backflow can be a major problems and that is why it’s necessary to check that it isn’t happening in your home or building.


Importance of backflow testing in Gold Coast

Drinking water which flows through the pipes only passes through in one direction. However, a problem with the water flow might cause it to flow in the other direction. The flow of water is the other direction is known as backflow. When the water starts running backward through a water system, we say that there is a backflow problem. When that happens, the water becomes undrinkable and could become contaminated. One reason for backflow is the break in the water main supply. Another reason could be the high demand for water at a water hydrant. Regular testing ensure that you don’t face the issue and it can be rectified before backflow actually occurs.


Booking a test

There are certain state regulation which require that the backflow test is performed at least once a year. Most companies receive a letter from the city municipality to remind them of conducting the test. Once this notice is received, a professional plumbing service should be hired to conduct the test. Once the test has been performed, a report is sent to the city office.


What to expect at a backflow testing

  • The owner of the property needs to give permission to shut off the water supply
  • The device is observed and the surrounding areas are checked
  • The location, size, model number and the serial number of device is recorded and verified


The backflow testing process

There are two main concerns to a backflow testing process. The first one to check whether backflow is occurring and the second to determine why it could be occurring. The device is checked with the help of valves. The plumber would first close the valves and observe a change in the gauge movement.  They would also check for water leaks and make sure that everything is in perfect working order.

In order to ensure that the backflow is not occurring, a certain criteria need to be met.

  • The check valves should prevent the backflow
  • The airports should open at the right time
  • The relief valves should open when the pressure is low at the inlet device

Getting backflow testing in Gold Coast done is not troublesome at all. It should just be kept in mind that during the process the water supply would be shut off for a short while. This information is provided beforehand to all the property owners to avoid any major issues.


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