Take a Work at Heights Course and Become More Confident

Many people are afraid of heights, but taking a work at heights course can help you overcome that fear. It involves practising using fall protection equipment and is conducted by a CPO-approved training provider. This course is designed for anyone who works at heights. It also helps you become more confident.

Working at heights is a leading cause of workplace fatalities

Working at heights can be one of the most dangerous environments for workers, and many fatalities are the result of falls from heights. While it is not possible to avoid working at heights entirely, there are many ways to reduce the risk of an accident. For example, the use of sturdy scaffolding and safety harnesses can help prevent falls.

A work at heights course involves practising on fall protection equipment

Work at heights courses include using and practising on various types of fall protection equipment. They also focus on design calculations. The course is taught by instructors who have extensive experience in the industry.

A work at heights course is conducted by a CPO approved training provider

Falls on construction sites are a leading cause of injury and fatalities in Ontario. In order to protect workers from fall-related injuries, the province’s work at heights law requires construction site workers to complete a CPO-approved working at heights course. This course teaches workers how to work safely at heights: how to recognize, assess, and control fall hazards. They are also given the opportunity to practise identifying deficiencies in fall protection equipment.

A work at heights course is mandatory in some countries

If you are planning to work in a construction site, you should take a work at heights course. Not only will you gain knowledge about how to work safely at heights, but you will also gain confidence. The construction industry is growing, and the number of job opportunities is growing as well. A working at heights course will help you gain the skills you need for a rewarding career.

A work at heights course is available online

The online working at heights course helps you to understand the risks involved in working at heights and how to minimise those risks. As a result, it reduces the chance of a fall or an injury. It also helps you to comply with the law, which requires employers to protect the health and safety of their employees by raising awareness of working at heights. This course is easily available online and takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

A work at heights course is valid for three years

In Ontario, you need to have a working at heights training certificate to work on construction projects. These courses are now regulated by the new Working at Heights Training Standard, which lays out detailed specifications for training providers and specialists working at heights training. This training is a legal requirement, and is explicitly defined as a necessity under the OSH Act. The skills pass certificate is valid for three years, and you must recertify every three years.

Taking a work at heights course and becoming more confident in your line of work is one the best things you can do for your own safety in this line of work. With this course you can learn everything you need to know to work safely and carefully.

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