Choosing the right marquee gazebo for your corporate event

Are you looking for a marquee gazebo for your corporate event? Do you want to make sure that the gazebo is a focal point of the event? What are marquee gazebos anyway?

The rightly designed marquee gazebo can completely alter the whole look of a function and leave your guest inspired in just the right way. Whether it is about promoting your brand, gaining new clients or wining the confidence of already existing clients there are so many things which you should consider. While it may seem simple to get your hand on just about any gazebo, using the right one could be beneficial for business.

You can choose to have the logo of your company printed on the marquee. The colors should be such that they garner the right kind of attention and complement your brand image.

When selecting marquee gazebos, make sure to keep the following things in mind:


The size of the marquee gazebos

One of the most important factors which you should consider is the size of the marquee. This would help you know whether it’s right for your event or not. If you are planning a mall event you should buy a gazebo which is adequate to accommodate that many people. On the other hand a large corporate event requires a gazebo of a much bigger size.


Consider the seating arrangement

If you are planning on a big event you would need a large number of table and chairs to accommodate all your guests. Make sure you have a head count of the number of people attending the event. It would help you decide on how many tables and chairs you need and then choose a marquee accordingly.


The floor

If you are planning to hold a smart and elegant affair you may want to consider the floor as well. So before you set up the marquee you may want to set up the floor. Make sure you talk to your event planner.


The material

If you are planning to hold you event during the warm weather you may want to consider a soft and airy material for the marquee. Something which allows the air in and keeps the whole place well ventilated. On the other hand if the weather is too cold you may want to go for a marquee which is designed from heavy material which drapes and provides a warmth for anyone attending the event.


Choosing the right provider

There are many companies which talk about designing the right kind of marquee but you just don’t need to take their word for it. You should be out there doing your own research. Get to know all the local designers and make sure you check out their website as well. This will help you gather all the important information. Once you have a list, make sure you talk to at least three or four people. Ask them the cost and ten compare it with your own budget.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you choose the perfect marquee gazebos for all your corporate events.

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