Air Conditioning Installs

Air conditioners are great all seasons, especially during the summer heat. In the summer heat, it will be so uncomfortable to rely on natural air coming from open windows while it could be more comfortable with air conditioning installed.

There are four different air conditioning options available based on the intended use. The four types include:

  • Portable air conditioner
  • Window air conditioner
  • Split air conditioner
  • Central air conditioner

Regardless of your choice of air conditioner, you will read here how to install your AC unit.

Steps To Install Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are more popular for home use, and it’s easy to install.

  • Step 1: Get an air conditioning Unit that Fits Your Opening.

Examine the window opening size before installing your portable AC unit to ensure it fits correctly.

  • Step 2: Setup the Window Kit and secure the seal

Get your window kit setup. You can achieve this by cutting the foam strip that comes with the window kit to size. Next fix the foam strip to the moving part of the window. After this, insert the plastic window piece and shut the window. Remove any expansion pieces so it will have a watertight seal between your room and outside.

  • Step 3: Final Setups

It’s time to install your air conditioner after all the steps have been done.

Around the window, apply security brackets to prevent opening the outside. Hook the vent towards the window panel and plug your air conditioner to the power outlet.

Steps to Install a Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are easy to install and operate.

Set your AC down into your window seal and balance it well till it’s easy to pull down the window pane without damaging the a/c.

Once this has been achieved, the next step is to place the locks to prevent the window pane from opening.

Create a Seal: Block the cold air from escaping by creating a seal. Centre the air conditioner to allow the side vent to be pulled out and prevents air from escaping through the side.

Steps to install Split Air Conditioner

Split a/c offers the best air conditioning experience for most users. Here are three areas you should focus on while installing this a/c unit.

Outside Condenser – as the name implies, it’s placed outside to minimise the noise while running thereby creating enough ventilation for the coils.

  • Inside Vent – This an integral part of the air conditioner operation as it controls temperature and delivers cold air.
  • The Connectors – this part refers to the wires that carry electricity and tubes which dispenses water formed in the course of cooling.

Installing a Central Air Conditioner

The central air conditioner is designed to serve the entire house at a time. Here are some tips to take note while installing this AC unit.

  • Thermostat – this controls the temperature of the air conditioner. This will regulate other components to start the cooling process and regulate high temperature.
  • Cooling – The process of cooling comprises compressor condenser coils and refrigerant, which transfers the liquid to evaporator cells for onward transformation into gas. Mostly, it moves from liquid to gas and back to liquid for cooling to occur.
  • Air Flow – airflow through the vents is critical for an a/c unit to function efficiently. It involves well-contained ductwork, vents delivering air into the room, and those involved in air recycling. Regular replacement of air filters is one of the most vital aspects of central air conditioner maintenance.

Hire leading air conditioning installations to ensure that your unit is properly put in place.


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