Termite Control Dubbo- Getting rid of a termite infestation

Do you fear that your home has a termite infestation? Have you seen the telltale signs of mud tubes near your home? Perhaps you have been seeing discarded wings near the doors and windows? Does the wooden rocking chair make strange creaking noises as if it’s somehow become hollow?

Most people only find an infestation when they see the powder formed near their furniture. However, during all this while the infestation has already spread too far.

Dealing with a termite infestation

An infestation can be dealt effectively with the help of a professional termite control in Dubbo. They make use of several treatments which can help get rid of the pesky little things in a short time. These would include the use of chemical treatments like:

  • Premethrin dust. One of the simplest yet most effective method which gives an instant result. It’s considered as a natural insecticide which stays effective for the longer period of time.
  • Arsenic dust can also be effective against termites. If a termite dies because of arsenic poisoning, the poison slowly spreads to the rest of the colony. The termites which feed off the dead termites tend to contract the poisoning as well. One of the biggest reasons for an infestation is wood which is moist. Make sure to keep the wooden structures dry. This would prevent an infestation in the first place.

  • Spraying liquid nitrogen around the home can help lower the temperatures. When you call a termite management service they could use this method to spray all the moist areas around your home. This would be detrimental to the growth of a termite colony and you can keep your space termite free.
  • Another simple yet effective way of getting rid of termites is to water spray any mud tubes which you come across. Spraying water directly on the tubes would help get rid of termites by drowning.
  • For termite infestations within the home, make sure that your place gets ample amount of sunlight. Sunlight is a natural and most effective method of keeping termites away
  • If termite control is a problem you can turn to termite control services in Dubbo. They will send in their professionals who would make use of a variety of methods to help your home become termite free.

When hiring a termite control service, hire one which has a good reputation. You can find a list of pest control services in the yellow pages. There are few who deal exclusively in termite control. Make sure you call these services and get to know all about their pricing. Call three or four services and enquire about the methods which they use. However, it is only when a specific visit your home they can make a decision on which elimination method would work best. The amount of damage to the structure of your home and the extent of the infestation would help them devise the right treatment option. For further information contact termite control in Dubbo.



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