The real estate ads are the most used tool by those interested in identifying buyers or renters for a home, a commercial space, an office or other types of real estate. The ad is basically an advertisement where the property you wish to offer for sale or rent is presented , and it is very important that it contains as much information as possible.

If those who read the announcement believe that what has been presented can be compatible with their needs, there is a good chance that they can proceed by contacting the advertiser, so it is essential to be complete and exhaustive.

The importance of photographs in real estate ads
The ideal real estate ad is certainly the one that provides a combination of textual and visual content: provide photographs relating to the property is very positive, even in an historical period in which almost all the ads this type are appropriately accompanied by photos, propose one without no photography is virtually a guarantee of failure.

Whoever consults a real estate listing always observes the photographs with great attention, moreover, one thing is to read that an apartment is “finely furnished”, one thing is to appreciate with its own eyes the completeness and elegance of its furniture.

In confirmation of how important the images are, there is the fact that in recent times an extremely innovative discipline is spreading more and more, that is the so-called Home Staging.

Home Staging is a professional service that takes care of the image of a property in order to make the photographs that concern it more intriguing, and it has been shown that the owners of properties that benefit from these special consultations are able to identify buyers or renters in times much shorter than the average.

The basic information in a real estate ad
The photographs have an essential importance, therefore, at the same time the text content must be treated in detail, so we immediately discover what information should never be missing in an ad prepared with due care.

Surely it is very important to specify the amount that is required, then the cost of the property for what concerns the sale and the rent if instead you want to propose it for rent.
Other aspects that must absolutely be specified are the square footage of the building, whether it is furnished or not, if it has been renovated, in which year it was built.

It is also necessary to specify the address where the property is located, the floor, where it is an apartment or an office, the number of rooms and bathrooms that distinguish it, the proximity to places of particular interest or the stops of public transport and anything else that could be useful in the eyes of an interested person who is looking for news about it.

A further, very important parameter corresponds to the energy class to which it belongs: on many occasions, in ads, this aspect is neglected, instead it is a fact that the buyer can not neglect at all.

The energy class of a property is a parameter that basically indicates its level of energy efficiency, a data of undisputed importance that is reported with certainty by a special official document, or the certificate of energy performance APE.

This certificate specifies in depth all the peculiarities that distinguish the asset from the energy point of view, and can be drawn up exclusively by a qualified professional, or by the energy certification.

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