5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Air Duct System Cleaned Regularly

Do you know that 15 pounds of dirt, containment and debris can be removed at one time if you hire a professional air duct cleaner? Pets can even increase the amount of debris amassed in the air duct system. Can you imagine how much filth can accumulate if your HVAC system is not cleaned on a daily basis? Check out the benefits of cleaning your air duct system regularly and to increase the efficiency of your fancy HVAC system for its prolonged lifespan.

Health comes first

Stats show that people spend around 80% of their time indoors and rely on the cooling and heating system of the inside. Just imagine how crucial it would be to have a clean HVAC system then. The harmful containment, clogging of the ducts and the subsequent substandard air coming out of it can cause asthma and other respiratory allergies. Save yourself and your loved ones from this nuisance and get your air duct system clean on a regular basis. Because nothing is more important than your health.

Mildew and Mold

Most of the house owners get their air duct system installed in their basements. The lower cellars are usually moist and damp. The humidity in the air causes the fungus and molds to grow in and around the ductwork. If not removed on a daily basis, it can hamper the efficiency of the whole air conditioning system along with foul odors. A germicide agent is mandatory to use afterward to hinder the growth in future.  

Save the Energy

An HVAC system is 20% less effective if any leakage or dust or debris or any crack has found its place in there. Getting a routine service of the ductwork from air conditioning ballarat service providers smoothens the working of motors and fans in the system and cleanse the quality of air as much as possible. Plus the cleaning machinery of the air duct system does not need to exert extra effort in running the air duct system as it increases the utility costs. Spare yourself from spending extra on energy cost by maintaining and cleaning the air duct system frequently.

Home to Parasites

The air duct system may be infested with bacteria, vermin or rodents if left unclean for long.  The regular cleaning will save you from any health issues these microorganisms can cause to you. Children are highly vulnerable in such circumstances. Asthma, cold and flu and other lungs diseases have been the top grounds of unclean air duct and HVAC systems. Regular cleaning would save you from such unfortunate situations and keep the quality of air clean as desired.   

Save the money:

We know how much an air duct system can cost you if it is not maintained properly. Other than health issues, uncleanliness and causing molds, changing or replacing it can be really heavy on your pocket. To keep up the efficiency of the air duct system and to increase its lifespan, all you have to do is to get it cleaned regularly.  


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